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All weather collars are suitable for rain, shine, or hail... or beaches, rivers or mud for that matter! The Kona collar is soft, yet durable, weightless yet resistant and perfect for an all round active doggy.

Kona Dog Collar | Berry

  • The Kona Dog Collar range is made from a high-grade polyester core wrapped in a soft, waterproof silicone to ensure your pets collar can withstand the Australian elements.


    Durable plastic buckles and sliders have been added to resist rust and deterioration from the salt water and general wear and tare. 

    The metal D-Ring gives added strength against your pets movements on a lead. 


    The overall soft to touch, light feeling of the Kona Collar ensures your pet is comfortable. There are three fun colours available to choose from to match your pets vibrant personailty as well as complimenting your Made by Marlow pet tag.

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