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Our Story

Since I started out hand stamping pet tags on our kitchen table for my beautiful and some what spoilt Irish Setter, Marlow, my little passion project has grown to something so much more than I had ever envisioned!

Marlow and I are tied at the hip, she is the most affectionate, fun-loving & long-limbed doggy who gives me ample amounts of happiness ☼ 

With our adventurous Gold Coast lifestyle, swimming at the beach, runs through the forest and cruising around our local parks, Marlow needs collars & ID tags which not only go the distance, but add to her happy-go-lucky personality with a pinch of class (cause she's so fancy and all).  


Using trial & error to get the perfect combination of materials to withstand Marlow's active & energetic lifestyle, I bring you Made by Marlow 

We love all things that are unique & personal as well as playing our part to be environmentally conscious ensuring all packaging is eco friendly & recyclable. 

We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our range to withstand all things pawesome!

Jade & Marlow xx

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